Hi there! My name is Palina Keda. I’m a founder and head designer of poli.iloq brand.

What are the basic principles when developing a new design? Quality comes first. This measure cuts off a lot of unnecessary things at once. Clasps, pendants, beads – everything is 18K gold or silver plated. For metal, it’s like putting on a raincoat – means protection.

Glass and acrylic beads are very stylish. There is such a huge variety on the market, you can get literally lost. I use all my instincts to choose the most difficult and rare colors. If you’ve been tied only to the most precious metals and stones for a long time, try to change your perspective. After all, beauty is not limited to frames. Your accessories collection will only get richer.

I am using natural pearls. It’s grown in shells on special farms, did you know about it? I haven’t worked with classic colors yet, everything’s in plans. The complex overflow collected not only the shade of the flower, but also the eggplant, raven’s wing, brown rice.

And I really like it when you touch the jewelry, and it’s so delicate tactile! This effect is obtained by weaving on a silk thread. Sensation and visual aesthetics together.

Beads. Czech produces excellent metallics. Wherever an accent is needed, I use it. Japanese Miyuki beads – mini size delivers stunning elegance. In addition, Miyuki is produced by only one single factory in Japan. The point is that each bead is identical to the other down to a micron. Jewelry product!

For the rings, I choose Korean silicone thread. It has such a very thin diameter, the ring stretches a little and remains strong at the same time, doesn’t fall to pieces in your hands.

Not the last thing is the beauty and visual naturalness of jewellery pieces. I adore real stones and minerals. It connects me to nature. This feeling came when I first took Chalcedony and Jasper stones in my hands. It turns out that no two stones are alike, at all. The core of our concept here – this is not an ordinary: “You are unique, you worth it..” The point is – to say with a jewelry: I am a Person who cannot be duplicated, reproduced or counterfeited somehow, like a leaf on a tree or a snowflake. Each of us has our own tracery.

As you can see, I collect materials all over the world. But it seems to me that this approach is needed. I hope you’ll enjoy shopping with poli.iloq and find exactly what you’re looking for. Welcome to our community <3